Samsung Galaxy S5

For the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Acne partnered with Heimat and Pumpkin Films in Switzerland to create a campaign for Swisscom that allowed contestants the opportunity to win a new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. Contestants were put through a series of challenges and their pulse was monitored during the course of these. Those who managed to keep their pulse below 100 beats per minute won a phone.

The Technology

Acne was responsible for all of the digital collateral, creating the customised motorised chair, incorporating cameras into it, managing the monitoring of the contestants’ pulses, displaying their pulse on-location, providing a comprehensive and sophisticated streaming solution for distribution to the web and media banners, and building an online platform for the event.

A sophisticated streaming solution

With many servers in place, and load balancers handling the extensive interest, the streaming solution was built on the backbone of multi-server deployment on Amazon, and around 70 terabytes of visuals was streamed out to the public over the course of the day!