S/S 2013 Interactive Campaign Film

Celebrating the art of motion, transformation and distortion, the Y-3 Spring/Summer 2013 interactive campaign captures the essence of Y-3. Shot by the photographer Pierre Debusschere it explores the collaboration based on seeming opposites combining adidas’ sports technology and Yohji Yamamoto’s design aesthetic.

The Challenge

The interactive film experience empowers the audience online to compose their own audio-visual piece of art in real-time. All at the fingertips of the composer, the film pieces are distorted and deconstructed, mirrored and stretched, echoed and multiplied in kaleidoscopic patterns.

The Music

Simultaneously the ambient music exclusively composed by Tim Hecker transforms within the synthetic experience. While choosing the film clips and experimenting with the audio-visual effects the composition can be recorded and shared online. The result is always unique and unexpected.

The Reach

200.000 Film Makers
1.4 Million Reach on Facebook
1.5 Million Reach on Twitter
30 Million Reach in Total