IKEA digital catalogue

From a user perspective, the new app offers a much more inspiring and intense feeling of content. The app isn’t just a digital version of the catalog. It’s a digital native enhancement of the catalogue. Enjoy the latest 2017 digital catalogue re-thought by ACNE

Simple yet exciting

The IKEA catalogue has been ambitious project since it was first conceived in 1951, but a digital version catalogue has been left on the backburner until now.  Shouldn’t such a product be just as ambitious as its analog counterpart?

This is what we thought to ourselves when we set out to deliver an all new vision for the digital catalogue of 2017.  Our mission? Keep it simple and exciting.

From a user perspective, the digital catalogue offers an inspiring and intense feeling of content.

Fully optimised for multiple digital formats in 71 localised versions, it’s available for both mobile, tablet and desktop, as well as an iOS and Android app. It keeps up with our modern times through a fresh look & feel, vibrant colors, simple navigation and strong clear visuals. But yet, it remains humble and understated, focusing on readability. Keeping the learning curve at a minimum.

As an all-time-first for digital publications, and as a big step forward in the future direction, Nothing really manifests our goal to turn the catalogue into an experience of its own more than the Apple TV version. We set out to re-define how we enjoy digital publications at home and delivered a solution fully suited for modern living. Available from the comfort of your own sofa.

All of it – The re-vitalized content, the anywhere accessibility, all of the different devices. It’s not only the finish line, but also the first step of the next thing. To find new ways of communicating, sharing and experiencing. For us, as for the many people.