Gif Booth X Window Installation

Diesel’s Flagship Store Opening in Frankfurt started off an array of events reinforcing the new brand positioning. To bring alive Diesel’s new global campaign – the #DIESELREBOOT movement – and to encourage young people to contribute their own creations, ACNE Berlin invented a world-first – the Diesel GIF Booth.

The Technology

The GIF booth works like a photo booth, going a step further to produce GIF animations instead of photographs. It uses VVVV technology and a large-format touch-screen interface. Visitors can create animated self-portraits and publish them to Tumblr in real-time. For the flagship store opening in Frankfurt, the GIFs from the booth were also instantly transmitted and displayed in a window installation composed of seven big screens, each individually managed by a Raspberry PI microcomputer.

Continued Exposure

The GIF Booth has travelled extensively since the initial store opening event in Frankfurt, heading to the Future Contemporaries Party at the Serpentine Gallery during the Fashion Week in London;  the Galeries Lafayette in Paris; the HEART restaurant and bar in Munich and store events for the Berlin Fashion Week